TeamArch Eng.

About Us

TEAMARCH is a Sudanese based architectural firm, established in 2013. The company involves a team of multidisciplinary professionals with different backgrounds including; Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Building Services, Project Management and real-estate management and evaluation.

The company and its staff have a massive experience in planning and designing a range of building typologies including residential, commercial, service, leisure and office. Not-to-mention the company and its staff involvement in major development projects in Sudan and overseas.


believes that design is an integrated and participatory process. Hence, our projects are participatory in the sense that our clients are part of our design team. The integrity and the success of our projects is also attributed to the integration of different disciplines as early as possible in the design process. Sustainability and cost effectiveness are key elements that are shared among all our designs.

To facilitate

TEAMARCH work, we use the latest technology available in the industry including up-to-date computers, software and above all very intelligent and highly trained staff. To foster our understanding to the importance of sustainability, TEAMARCH uses computer simulation programs to analyses the building energy performance, and propose alternatives that can be cost-effective and energy efficient.


develop complete design solutions for high-end villas, apartment buildings, compounds, commercial, leisure, office, industrial and urban planning projects.


Our designs and actions are unique; we design space that lives in memory. We understand the social and the financial responsibility of the architects. Quality is understood by TEAMARCH is the ultimate measure of value.


“We Design Experiences”
TEAMARCH believes that any architecture and planning project can impact those who uses it, therefore we do integrate both the building appearance and functions with the user experience.


  • Design Excellence: We understand the power of design to improve the quality of live.
  • Sustainability: We provide our client with very sustainable and environmentally sound designs.
  • Integration: We work as a multi-disciplinary team that involves all concerns disciplines.
  • Integrity: We build our relationship in honesty, trust and respect. We desire clients who believe in the same.

Area of Expertise & Work

Architecture Design

Project Management

Urban Planning & Design

Real Estate Development & Evaluation

Property Management

Building Construction (through sister companies)

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso